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21st September 2012: Community Orienteering Leader course

This 1 day Community Orienteering Leader Award introduces candidates to the knowledge, understanding and practical ability to lead Community Orienteering club nights safely. This award will therefore enable candidates to deliver activities and be capable of instructing and supervising a group safely and support the Community Orienteering Programme (according to British Orienteering guidelines). No experience of orienteering is necessary.

Courses are due to be held in South Northampton in late 2012 and Ipswich in early 2013. See course overview.

EAOA Club members might be interested in attending these courses as by taking part you will be insured to lead club night sessions

5th September 2012: Support for Club Officials

British Orienteering have a new programme to support Club Officials is in place called Club Leaders. Read about it here.

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