The East Anglian Urban League 2019

The orienteering clubs of East Anglian are pleased to introduce the East Anglian Urban League 2019.

Full details of the rules are available here.

Dates for 2019

Best four scores to count

10th MarchWAOCRoyston
19th May NOR Kings Lynn
21st July SOS Maldon
11th August SMOC Buckingham
6th October SUFFOC/WAOC Bury St Edmunds
26th October CUOC Cambridge

The above list is subject to change. Please check nearer the date of each event

Results after the first event of 2019


Your age class determines your urban league class. The categories are Men's and Women's


Events are open to all competitors but only BOF members of EAOA clubs will be eligible for scoring in the EAUL.

The League is administered by Sarah Mansel (SUFFOC).

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