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East Anglian Orienteering Association

East Anglian Schools Orienteering

As a regional association, we aim to hold an East Anglian Schools Championship every year. The clubs in the region take turns to host the event, so the location will vary according to the host club, but generally at the same time of year - late September or October. The championship is open to any school in the East Anglian region, and prizes are awarded to the best individual (or in some cases pair) performances in different school year bands, as well as a trophy handed to the winning school. Below you can find reports from recent Championships. Read the rules of the competition.

Some clubs in the region have their own programmes for schools participation. The largest of these is the Essex and Sussex Schools Orienteering League (ESSOL). Despite the name, school-age members of any of the clubs in the region can earn points for their schools in the annual league, and can have their individual performance at league events recognised by receiving certificates of attainment. ESSOL events are staged across Suffolk and Essex. Find out more about ESSOL.

WAOC's Park-O series, designed for beginners and families with school age children in the Cambridge area, includes an informal school competition.

Nationally, the British Schools Orienteering Association organises an annual national schools championship, and British Orienteering provides resources for schools.

New to school orienteering?

Should you wish to introduce orienteering on your school site, you will need to have your school mapped for orienteering. There are several mappers in the region who provide this service. There are also several coaches who provide coaching services to schools and trainers who provide staff training.

Contact your local club to be put in touch with someone local or consult the list of freelance mappers on the British Orienteering website. These services are normally charged for.

East Anglian Schools Champs 2022

Haughley Park, Sunday 2nd October

The overall winners were Norwich School, retaining the silver platter which they also won in 2019, the last time we were able to stage a schools championship. The Perse were runners up.

Certificates for winning teams were awarded to Norwich in the Girls Junior category and Barnardiston for the Boys years 7 and 8 category.

Individual Results

Full results can be found on the SUFFOC webpage.

Primary Girls Primary Boys

1st Elysia Cowe , Milton Road Primary

2nd Lulu Gooding, Notley Green Primary

3rd Leah Norris, Barnardiston

1st Hugo Maule-Lidbury, Chalkwell Hall Junior

2nd George Tate and Richie Manning, Barnardiston

3rd Brandon Morgan and Wilfy Wyatt, Barnardiston

TEAM PRIZE Barnardiston

Year 7-8 Girls Year 7/8 Boys

1st Beth Stockham, Norwich School

2nd Siobhan Monteith and Amy Keen, The Perse

1st Marcus Richardson, Norwich School

2nd Chun Ho Andre Fu, Cambourne Village College

3rd Charlie Maule-Lidbury, St Thomas More

TEAM PRIZE: Norwich School

Year 9/10 Boys

1st Chun Ho Alistair Fu, Cambourne Village College

2nd Alex Darwin, The Perse

3rd Charlie Fleming, The Perse

Year 11+ Girls Year 11+ Boys

1st Olivia Radcliffe, Claydon High

2nd Anja Kolesnikova, Hills Rd 6th Form College

3rd Imogen James, Norwich School

1st Marcus Wentzell, The Perse

2nd Joel Fox, Norwich School

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