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18th May 2014: EA Champions

Jack Isbester. Jack Isbester (SOS) received his EA Championships M80 trophy from EAOA Chairman Paul Beckett at the SOS event at Danbury on 18th May.

As we now have competitive orienteers in the M/W80 class new trophies had to be purchased. The W80 winner is Barbara George (NOR) who will be presented with her trophy in the near future.

11th May 2014: East Anglian Schools Championships

Winners. Winners.

The East Anglian Schools Championships took place at Hadleigh Country Park on Sunday 11th May. Around 75 competitors from schools across the region took part in the event in an area partly used for the Olympic Mountain Biking in 2012.

St Andrew's were victorious in the primary school categories with Barnaby Gough winning Gold, Zac Poter Silver and Liam Polley Bronze in the Primary Boys category and Zoe Hartnup winning Gold, Evie Amos Silver and Amy Skeet 4th in Primary Girls.

Hedingham School year 9/10 Boys were Gold medal winners with an individual Silver medal for Josh Partridge, Bronze for John-Henry Love and Joseph Powers 6th.

It was a clean sweep for Hedingham School in both the year 7/8 and 9/10 Girls categories with Chloe Cracknell winning Gold, Victoria Love Silver and Cerys Wrigley Moss Bronze in year 7/8. Daisy Partridge was Gold medalist running up in the year 9/10 girls category with Laura Smith taking Silver and Harriet Vinter Bronze.

Callum Turner from Ramsey Academy was the individual Gold medalist in the year 9/10 boys category.

The overall result was incredibly close this year with the E A Schools Championship trophy being shared by Hedingham School and St Andrew's Primary School with Barnardiston Prep in third, Kings College School 4th and Brentwood School 5th.

Results are here

Callum. Bryn. St Andrews.

EAOA Schools Championships 2014

Primary (Year 6 and under) White Course

Girls 1 Zoe Hartnup (St Andrews) 2 Evie Amos (St Andrews) 3 Alesha Lowe (Stowmarket Middle) Team Winners: St Andrews (Zoe Hartnup + Evie Amos + Amy Skeet)

Boys 1 Barnaby Gough (St Andrews) 2 Zac Poter (St Andrews) 3 Liam Polley (St Andrews) Team winners: St Andrews (Barnaby Gough + Zac Poter + Liam Polley)

Years 7 and 8 Yellow Course

Girls 1 Chloe Cracknell (Hedingham) 2 Victoria Love (Hedingham) 3 Cerys Wrigley-Moss (Hedingham) Team winners: Hedingham (Chloe Cracknell + Victoria Love + Cerys Wrigley-Moss)

Boys 1 Matthew Clarke (Barnardiston) 2 Alexander Parker (Barnardiston) 3 Edward Low (Kings College) Team winners: Barnardiston (Matthew Clarke + Alexander Parker + Tom Steed)

Years 9 and 10 Orange Course

Girls 1 Daisy Partridge (Hedingham) 2 Laura Smith (Hedingham) 3 Harriet Vinter (Hedingham) Team winners: Hedingham (Daisy Partridge + Laura Smith + Harriet Vinter)

Boys 1 Callum Turner (Ramsey Academy) 2 Josh Partridge (Hedingham) 3 John-Henry Love (Hedingham) Team winners: Hedingham (Josh Partridge + John-Henry Love + Joseph Powers)

Years 11 and above Light Green Course

Girls 1 Rhiannon Ware (CCHS)

Boys 1 Bryn Wilkinson (Copleston High) 2 Callum Turner (Ramsey Academy)

OVERALL SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIPS (Best four positions to count)

Joint First with 6 points (two first and two second places) each: St ANDREW'S PRIMARY SCHOOL and HEDINGHAM SCHOOL & SIXTH FORM Third with 13 points: BARNARDISTON HALL PREP SCHOOL 4th KING'S COLLEGE SCHOOL (17 points) 5th BRENTWOOD SCHOOL (26 points)

1st May 2014: TrailO at the JK2014 in Wales, a big thank you

The TrailO competitions on Good Friday and Easter Sunday could not have been the success that they were without the many EAOA members and friends who gave up time to work on the essential elements of an event on those days, especially Tony and Janet Biggs who came both days and did an excellent job in producing the results.

I suspect that everyone will remember the weather on Sunday for many years, with the lightening strike and coming through the eerie canyon in the fog. I am most grateful to all who where there from EAOA and the Royal Signals team who put out all the course, luckily the preparation worked and there were no location problems, just that fog!

You all made it a success and have the thanks of all the competitors who were able to complete their course, I regret that the helpers did not as they returned to duty. Most of the EOD entry thought better about the long walk to find us, due to the nesting peregrine falcons, and the weather so some had less to do than envisaged. You may be surprised to learn that Dick and I thought the day warm compared with our previous visits.

Anne Braggins

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